Southwest Greens Charlotte is happy to supply and install synthetic turf that saves Charlotte families and businesses money and time —helping you to pay attention to the things that matter most. By implementing our progressive HydroChill® cooling technology, we have combatted summertime heat in a clever and easy way. A simple add-on to the turf’s filling supplies an average cooling range of 30-50 degrees and works naturally when hydrated by irrigation, rainfall, and dew.



Perspiration is an ordinary cause of thermoregulation called evaporative cooling. Evaporation of wetness from the skin’s surface has a cooling effect. In a similar manner, HydroChill® has proven to cool synthetic turf surfaces through the same scientific method. As the turf surface warms up with solar radiation, water stored in the HydroChill® turf is released. Evaporating wetness eliminates heat, leaving a cooler, more comfortable surface for the players.

  • HydroChill® implements moisture to provide a cooling effect. Rainfall, dew, and irrigation will help keep your lawn cool for days, subject to local weather conditions.
  • HydroChill® can be incorporated into almost any Southwest Greens' infilled lawn systems.
  • HydroChill® will not hinder the structural integrity or warranty of Southwest Greens’ products.
  • HydroChill® is UV-resistant and must be re-treated every two years for maximum efficiency.


Environmental temperature outside does not completely dictate surface temperature. Other elements affect an object’s surface temperature, such as cloud cover, wind, the sun’s angle, and other elements.

HydroChill® provides maximum benefit when the sun is nearest the Earth, as shown in the solar radiation calendar. During the summer in Charlotte, the sun is positioned overhead, causing surfaces to absorb more heat, resulting in higher temperatures. The rotation of the Earth is likewise responsible for hourly variations in sunlight therefore making HydroChill® most efficient during the hotter part of a clear day when it’s most necessary.

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