Southwest Greens’ artificial putting green products are professionally crafted here in the USA to simulate the look, feel, and performance of natural grass. Your investment in a backyard putting green will boost your property value while also improving your short game. So, how much does a backyard putting green cost? Our artificial putting greens are priced from $20 to $35 per sq. foot, based on these aspects:

Putting Green Size

Though PGA Tour putting greens measure about 5,000 to 6,000 square feet, you can usually perfect your entire short game on a significantly smaller green. Below are some general price guidelines (prices vary based on travel, cost of materials, and accessibility):

2,000 square feet and up: $20 to $30 per sq. ft.

400 - 2,000 square feet: $25 to $35 per sq. ft.

Under 400 square feet: $30 to $40 per sq. ft.

Type of Turf

Southwest Greens Charlotte designs and installs a wide range of golf greens that utilize different construction processes and different types of artificial turf. Your backyard putting green can be customized to fit your needs, including the speed you desire. We utilize premium-grade artificial turf that has the appearance and bite of organic grass.


The cost of a backyard putting green can vary depending on how complex the design of the green is and what skill level is required to create it. Our designers and dealers have extensive training and expertise to develop the right design for clients. If you are looking for something even more fashionable, we are an official partner of Nicklaus Design.

Site Access

The ease of access to our equipment and tools will have a considerable effect on the time and expenses involved in adding a putting green. Costs may be higher if we cannot easily access your location with large equipment, as this means more physical labor. The requirement for intensive grading and other maintenance to prepare the site will also have an influence on the price.

Site Preparation

We do not include site preparation prices into the square foot pricing of your turf. This is related to the fact that certain regions will require existing turf to be removed, and some will not. If you live in a region where grass grows, we’ll need to remove existing grass or soil. If you live in a desert region, there will be much less work to prepare the site for the installation.


Though you may be eyeing a backyard putting green, after looking over our portfolio, you may want something more. Perhaps you want to include water hazards, bunkers, tee boxes, or other enhancements. This will affect the overall cost of the project if you wish to add interesting features to your turf.


Southwest Greens Charlotte knows how to bring truly great concepts to life. Since 1996, we have established a reputation for developing superb golf greens; drawing the attention of more than 25 renowned PGA Tour golfers who have Southwest Greens turf installed at their properties. We consider ourselves to be the masters of installation technology. The cost of installation will depend on your region, landscaping requirements, what you want in a putting green, and additional features you want.

Ready For Your Southwest Greens Putting Green in Charlotte?

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