Competing for an ever-growing number of occupants is an exceptional issue for modern facilities and community developers. Southwest Greens Charlotte has experience offering synthetic grass products that help properties prosper with amenities and continue being focused on people, not lawn maintenance. Synthetic grass has a sure return on investment, has a great environmental story, and provides a definite WOW factor.

Charlotte artificial turf batting cage

Charlotte artificial turf bocce ball court


Southwest Greens Charlotte delivers a complement of recreational options that are both simple and fun — not full of irritating issues. From expert installation techniques to design innovations that encourage outdoor fun, Southwest Greens Charlotte has the answer.

We know that the community of Charlotte and your home matter so much. Doing things right is essential and we will assist in designing an all-inclusive plan that gives you the greatest performance whether you play casually, or play for competition. Our network of franchises set-up throughout the United States give a deep knowledge of drainage, materials, and installation that can be overlooked by other Charlotte installers. Let our many years in landscape construction supply you with the stress-free confidence that your project is being done right.


Long-lasting synthetic pet turf is built for plush landings. By its nature, our product stops itching, sneezing, and stains that accompany real grass. Synthetic turf naturally sheds waste through drainage holes, and excellent installation ensures first-class flow-through. Smells and unsightly dead spots will be behind you with our tried and true pet turf. Plus, you can forget about fleas, ticks, and fertilizer flags—just peace of mind. Great for all breeds, all shapes, all sizes.

Charlotte artificial pet turf

Charlotte artificial playground turf & recreation areas


Mud-free, bug-free, and worry-free. Our IPEMA Certified synthetic turf playgrounds are perfect for communities, schools, and backyards. The Play Collection displays our dynamic Playsafe products that look and play like real grass with an added layer of security, ideal for a play area. Unlike natural grass, this artificial green requires no water nor costly fertilizers or pesticides. Upgrade to our HydroChill® system to fix the heat challenge synthetic playground turf can present on hot days. The best thing about it is when it’s playground life is up, all parts can be used for a different purpose or simply recycled.


Our research and development office is like none other in North America. It is driven to designing the best artificial sports turf for your needs. Through these rigorous tests, we can guarantee that our turf offers the finest combination of durability, playability, and safety. Unlike natural grass, Southwest Greens Charlotte multipurpose synthetic sports turf requires no expensive fertilizers or pesticides while helping save millions of gallons of water annually. Assist the U.S. Green Building Council and earn LEED points by switching to synthetic grass courts!

Charlotte artificial grass courts and sports fields
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